Kul Kul Christmas 2021

Rokeby Revelation

Moving Kul Kul to our new location – a little over a year ago – felt so right!

The stars had aligned… with end of lease on Hay Street and a landlord looking for a tenant on Rokeby Road. A space with so much potential it gave me a renewed burst of energy and my circle of supporters rose to the occasion so effortlessly, any doubts I had were extinguished.

Rokeby Road has so many hidden gems we definitely hit the jackpot when number 151a  – an old café, was discovered sitting there languishing, untouched and thirsting for ‘transformation’.

It’s still exciting to walk into Kul Kul of a morning and call out, “Turn on the shop lights!” to my Google Hub.

With the perfect music vibe chosen, I then have the absolute privilege, of opening the doors up to the bustle of Rokeby Road.

Kul Kul Invigoration

Your LifeI s An OccasionAlmost everything about Kul Kul has been invigorated, except for the fundamentals. We continue to stock artisan crafted jewellery from local and international suppliers we’ve built relationships with for more than seven years. However, over the past year, we’ve found designers are now approaching us with stockists enquiries.

In this lays the difference. How fortuitous. How timely our move. How the universe has opened up a door to be ‘found’. In a year of not being able to explore and discover new talent in my travels that would normally take me both in and out of the country.  

Let’s address the elephant in the shop : COVID-19.

I have listened to heartbreaking stories from customers who have missed weddings, funerals, births and birthdays. Our family has also had to face some of the same challenges and the emotional impact has been difficult for us too. You are not alone.

Venue check-in for SafeWA

From a business point of view, we are adhering to all government regulations. Please remember to checkin to Kul Kul via the SafeWA app upon your arrival. We need to be sure Kul Kul is a safe place to shop and appreciate not having to remind you. 

Staying Stocked

Getting stock from around the country and the world is a challenge and we work tirelessly with all our suppliers to support their businesses and ask you to #golocalfirst when you shop and support local small businesses such as Kul Kul Subiaco before going elsewhere.

Finding Our Feet

One of the most unexpected things to happen, is the new-found friendships with local business owners who made us feel welcome from Day One: ‘Dallimore Girls’; our neighbours at Whisk Creamery; The Cat Café Purrth and the girls at Hidden Lace.

Now we too, have found ourselves part of the unofficial #rokebycollective putting out the ‘welcome mat’ for some truly fabulous new small business owners who have seen the undeniable benefits of setting up shop on Rokeby Road: The Secret Closet; Pupa Fast Nutrition; Bespoke Blends; Sound One and 4 Sistas Sip n Paint. All within ‘cooooeeee’ of Kul Kul’s front door.

If you haven’t been to Subiaco for a while, we forgive you… there’s no better time than Christmas, to plan a shopping trip back to Rokeby Road. Reacquaint yourself with the boutiques, coffee spots and unsurpassed food and wine… OMG and just this month, a new urban gin distillery opened “Little Things Gin‘ – so much to indulge in, some days it’s really hard to leave and go home… but then there’s always Vibe Hotel Subiaco if you need a little staycation. 

Well, it’s been great catching you up on life in our first 12 months on Rokeby. We look forward to seeing you soon at @kulkulsubiaco.

Kul Kul Subiaco