Countdown to Launch

Kul Kul Subiaco Like Sip Shop Cheryl Coma
Kul Kul Subiaco had to move and reopen in four days!

If that wasn’t enough to organise… we had four days in which to perfect the retail side and then on the Friday of that same week… we officially reopened Kul Kul Subiaco with the hugely successful launch: “Like + Sip + Shop”

First, a little insight

But before all the fun in the ‘front of house’ fun began, we had to create the concept, design and shop fitout for our new location, which actually took a month. This massive task included the technical infrastructure, furniture and fittings that were needed to transform this former lunchbar into a boutique destination.

With the design firmly squared away, the next undertaking was the custom-made cabinets, counters and storeroom – in order to get these built-in’s installed and over the line on time, I quickly realised I would have to sleep with the cabinetmaker… oh the things a girls gotta do… luckily he’s my husband!

It was a huge undertaking (I’m referring to the shop fitout now…) and maybe one of the most enjoyable experiences Dean and I have had together. Our blank canvas was nearly double the area of our previous shop and our new location at Shop A 151 Rokeby Road Subiaco, gave us the opportunity to really make it our own – judging by the daily compliments we receive, it was worth every minute.

With thanks and gratitude

A seriously huge thank you goes to my husband Dean, son Caiden and their team of craftsmen at Southern Kitchens Western Australia for the beautiful design and shop fitout in Kul Kul Subiaco’s new location.

Thank you to Polytec and Häfele who added their amazing products to the fitout and frankly, brought the extra prestige to the overall finished results.

Many thanks to my own suppliers who are always so incredibly supportive. I’m utterly grateful to them as we made our way through this shop move whilst navigating the challenges of a global pandemic and buying our merchandise online compared to purchasing new collections in-person on my previous overseas buying trips.

The others I absolutely need to thank for their support and sacrifices, are my incredible staff! They worked ’til all hours, you can’t imagine… it was unpaid… for love, wine and food… or was that… wine, food, love and more wine… who knows! I’m just eternally grateful to Grace and Jan, love you girls to bits!

It didn’t all go to plan, there were a few bumps along the way… but that’s another story.

Thankfully, some amazing people crossed my path during this time – professionals in their field – and we made it in grand style and officially reopened Kul Kul Subiaco with an event to remember and much celebration.

Fortunately, one of these people was Gwynneth from gDesign who conceived the launch idea and marketing… she’s also been working behind the scenes on my new website (yes, this one) and refreshed Kul Kul Subiaco’s instagram and facebook accounts she also gave me her shoulder to cry on every now and then.

Another person is Subiaco’s mayor, Penny Taylor. Naturally, when she heard we were serving free bubbles, she added our event to her official calendar.  Penny came to Like + Sip + Shop with her son – who was an absolute pleasure to meet.

Penny, thank you so much – your support is so very important to local business here in Subiaco.

We appreciated her visit and warmest wishes and wanted to share the video of her visit with you.

Last and by no means least! I’d like to thank my loyal customers who have followed us to the new shop and all the new people we met en-masse when we reopened. The popularity of our Like + Sip + Shop event was so well attended we’re planning to have some more ‘bubbly’ events in the new year! So if you were one of my customers who found their way from Hay to Rokeby thank you – see you again soon! And too all of you who found us quite by accident… how exciting and thank you for popping in on your coffee runs, shopping trips and daily walks! 

Can’t wait to see how Kul Kul Subiaco evolves – with love and bubbles

Kul Kul Subiaco