A Kul Kul Christmas Wish

Kul Kul Subiaco Gifts
Kul Kul Subiaco GiftsChristmas 2020 – well this has been a year we won’t forget in a hurry…

Life, as we know it, has changed. I think here, at home in Western Australia, we have escaped some of the worst Australian COVID19 outbreaks and in relation to the rest of the global, Australia has escaped the worst of the pandemic that is mercilessly taking lives all over our world.

This year, more than ever, those of us lucky enough to spend the holidays with our family and friends, will never take these precious times together for granted again. It really is time to…

Stop. Love. Listen.

During the downhill run to then end of 2020… take an extra moment to choose a gift and in turn, you’ll be gifting yourself a little sanity in the mayhem, a little joy to browse, a little time to consider who’s been ‘naughty and nice’… How many times in the rush of it all, is the recipient of the gift forgotten and becomes just an item on a ‘to do’ list? With thoughtfulness lost, the result can end in overspending, anxiety or disappointment. With only 20 days left ’til Christmas, make the most of the extended shopping hours you’ve been given…

…you really do have time, if you want to find it.

My own family, live in Adelaide and whilst plans were made well in advance for a much looked forward to gathering this year, that is no longer possible. So many are feeling the same pain as our family and our best laid plans will need to be put on hold until our travel bubble broadens and we can return home for the holidays once more.

My Christmas wish is that we’ll all be nice to the people we meet… as none of us know another’s situation, that when we say “Merry Christmas” we mean it and when we wish people well and take an extra moment to listen to their story.

2020 has helped me find more patience, deeper understanding and an increased tolerance… I oddly enough, I find myself thanking COVID19 for this lesson. Please stay safe and let’s all look forward to welcoming 2021 with more wisdom than we had going into 2020.

My team and I wish you a very Kul Kul Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Kul Kul Subiaco